Bottle Pad - Halloween Fleece with Orange Fleece

Bottle Pad - Halloween Fleece with Orange Fleece
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Designed to be placed under your water bottle to capture all of those nuisance drips!

A "Bottle Pad" is an absorbent pad which protects your cage bedding/fleece from becoming too wet from dripping bottles! My Bottle Pads are made from 4 different layers of materials which includes 2 fleece layers, an absorbent layer and then a waterproof layer. Bottle Pads will help keep your animals dry. If you have a very leaky bottle I would recommend to switch out your pad and keep drying them and then putting them back in your cage.

Bottle Pads are suitable for any type of small animal! As always, if your pets do damage the pads please remove them and discontinue use :)

Washing Instructions

A little extra care is needed to look after your bottle pads. The more you wash the pads, the more absorbent the fleece will be. Fleece wicks better when it has been washed a few times. Do not use fabric conditioner or softener - just use detergent.

Wash your lap pads on a 30 or 40 degree wash (not too hot) - I do not recommend to tumble dry as this can shorten the life span of the waterproof layer. I always recommend to air dry my items if possible or place on a warm radiator :)


Width: 8 inches / 20 centimetres approx.
Length: 8 inches / 20 centimetres approx.

Patterns may vary to the stock photo

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